Aug 12 2008

Eclipse RCP launcher icon

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Eclipse RCP allows easily create an application. Additional advantage of the platform is a native launcher of the application which allows it to behave more like “native” application. It much better to have a process called your_application.exe running instead of another java.exe process.  You will probably also want to have some nice icon attached to *.exe file of your application. This can be done easily in Eclipse 3.4. First you need to create *.ico file (containing all necassary images inside) – one of the generators available on the web can be used for this (for example).

Next step is configuration in *.product file:

   <launcher name="caracal">
      <win useico="true">
         <ico path="/"></ico>

You can also use product file editor for this (a lot of enhancements were added in Eclipse 3.4):

Launcher icon configuration

After building the application based on product file launcher will have your custom icon. No resource hacking, nor recompiling native C code is required!

Launcher custom icon

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  1. ...on 05 Sep 2008 at 11:20 am

    Delete this! Its useless for people doing this the first time because there is no description to open the launching dialog like shown above.
    People nowing how to build a launcher will find useless information either because they dont need that information

  2. Radoslaw Urbason 05 Sep 2008 at 11:32 am

    Just open *.product file in you plug-in. There is nice editor for this file in Eclipse.

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